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2001 Mazda Miata

I came by my miata about 6 months after loosing my 1st Rx-7 in late 2000 to a quick double whammy of minor accident / blown engine. I was trying to figure out what type of car to get. I might have been able to find another Rx-7, but was really looking for something newer that I wouldn't have to fuss with for a while. I decided to seriously check out miatas. I had previously written them off as too "girly". After doing a little bit of research on them I discovered several things which I did not previously know: 1) They're Rear Wheel Drive! 2) They have about as large an enthusiast following as Rx-7s. 3) Miata folks are sort of kindred spirits to Rx-7 guys. I decided I needed to take one for a test drive to see if was in any way comparable to old Rex. By the time I shifted into 3rd gear just out of the dealer's lot, I was sold. It was light, nimble and RWD, which met my primary criteria.


1983 Mazda Rx-7

I have a minor obsession with 1st Generation Rx-7s. This started in high-school. I owned a beater '83 for a while in college and when it became too decrepit I had to let her go. Since that time, I've always wanted another 7, but wasn't going to get just any one, I was going to wait for the "perfect" one. A couple months ago, my Father In-Law sent me an email, with a link to a blue '83 for sale around the corner from his house. From the pics, this car looked amazing. 60K miles, shiny paint, perfect interior, original (and working) stereo, etc. Of course you can only tell so much from a picture. My wife and I flew out to Seattle over the Thanksgiving weekend to spend TG with my her family. One of the ulterior motives I had for this trip was to take a look at this Rx-7 if it was still on the lot. It was, so we went to take a look.