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Once I went through the entire car and figured out everything that needed to be done,  I realized it was far too long of a list to keep in my head.  So, I made a list a running task list that's been added to as I've found new and exciting issues to address.  The following represents what is needed to bring the car back to "perfect", so obviously some of them are things I'll address in the longer term. 

1) Change Oil

2) Change Transmission Fluid

3) Replace Coolant/Heater hoses/Fresh Coolant

4) Replace Brake Hoses / Fresh Brake Fluid

5) Replace Serpentine Belts

6) Replace Spark Plugs

7) Replace Spark Plug Wires

8) Replace Distributor Caps and Rotors

9) Replace Air Filters

10) Replace Fuel Filters

11) Replace Wiper Blades


Holy fluids Batman!

As part of my rehabiliation of the car, I'm changing all the fluids.  I don't have good (any) service records from before I inherited the car and the records I do have from the year or two before it was parked are, let say sketchy at best.  I'm pretty sure most of the fluids in the car are original, save for Engine Oil and at possibly the transmission fluid. 

It came as a bit of a surprise to me the obscene quantities of *everything* this car takes.  I"ll just list it below:

Coolant: 16 quarts (yes, 3 gallons)

Engine Oil: 8 quats (yes, 2 gallons of oil)

Transmission: 4 quarts ATF (that what you can get in a change, the trans hold 13 quarts)

Rear Differential: 2 quarts 90w oil

Breaks: Dunno, just bought a fresh quart.

Pentosin*: 3 Litres.


And the collection of it all:


My Grandpa's Car



I'm not certain where to start with the story of this, I guess I'll start at the beginningish.