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2001 Mazda Miata

I came by my miata about 6 months after loosing my 1st Rx-7 in late 2000 to a quick double whammy of minor accident / blown engine. I was trying to figure out what type of car to get. I might have been able to find another Rx-7, but was really looking for something newer that I wouldn't have to fuss with for a while. I decided to seriously check out miatas. I had previously written them off as too "girly". After doing a little bit of research on them I discovered several things which I did not previously know: 1) They're Rear Wheel Drive! 2) They have about as large an enthusiast following as Rx-7s. 3) Miata folks are sort of kindred spirits to Rx-7 guys. I decided I needed to take one for a test drive to see if was in any way comparable to old Rex. By the time I shifted into 3rd gear just out of the dealer's lot, I was sold. It was light, nimble and RWD, which met my primary criteria.