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The Epic 323 project.

As I've been fighting with "The Best Car in the World" over the last couple of weeks, I've reached a level of frustration that has tested even my happy-go-lucky demeanor.   This is sort of an epic saga which..well, perhaps I should just start at the beginning.


2 years ago after an unfortunate overheating incident, I purchased a new cylinder head and installed it.  The car was never quite right afterwards.  The bottom end knock that appears a couple thousand miles later was the end of it.

I hit up Harry's U-Pull it in Hazelton PA during one of their specials.  I found an '89 323 that looked well cared for, but had been rear-ended pretty hard....cost $60.


1989 Mazda 323

Our 1989 Mazda 323 was purchased for $1500 many years ago. About 2 winters ago, suffered from a perfect storm of badness. Broken temp gauge + blowing a coolant hose, lead to being stranded on the side of the road at 2 am, in 4 degree weather with a blown engine. A $60 junk yard motor and a year of procrastinating put us back on the road. I'm now commuting in this beauty over 100 miles / day at 33 mpg. The car has just over 202K miles.
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