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New York International AutoShow 2010

As is annual tradition I recently went to the Jacob Javit Convention Center to catch the AutoShow.   I didn't take many pictures, mostly because lighting on the floor was strange and I was having a difficult time getting exposures correct.  Regardless I saw some stuff that's worth talking about.
The Mazda 2 / Ford Fiesta
As many manufacturer's entry level rides have grown in size over the last 20 years, they've been introducing new smaller models to fill in the sub-compact offering.  (ie. The Honda Fit took the place of the Civic as the current Civic is just about the same size as a late 80's accord).  So it is with Mazda.  While the Mazda 3 is an great car, if you're looking for something a bit smaller, you'd better look elsewhere.  Enter the Mazda 2 (and it's brother the Ford Fiesta).
I'm not sure when the 2 is set to go on sale, I think for the 2011 model year, but I did get to press my face up against the glass.  For some reason, they had these locked up tight, which seemed ridiculouse to me.
From the window view, the interior looked like a nice basic car, something which seems increasing difficult to find these days.  Given the "Soul of a Sportcar" feeling that Mazda's seem to have, even in their basic sedans, I have high hopes for this car once we get to drive it.  But for now, it's wait and see.
Saab 9-5
The car I was really out to see was the all new redesigned Saab 9-5.  The previous generation was around for 12 years -- an eternity in the current automotive world (unfortunately).  The new car is instantly recognizable as the new big Saab.  There is a clear lineage from the 9000 to the 1st gen 9-5 to this car.  I feel like the styling for the big saab over the last 20+ years has been very evolutionary, which is nice.  They havn't sold out thier brand for whiz-bang flashy styling.   That isn't to say the new car is borning, far from it.  I think the new car, while distincly Saaby (and everything that means) is a sleek and elegant machine. 
The interior of the car is what you would expect from a upper-middle class Euro sedan, with nice touches and supple surfaces everywhere.  The Saab rep told me the car should be on dealer lots mid-summer...stay tuned for test drive review once it's here and US-spec car's features get ironed out.  As of right now no one is quite sure what the options packages/pricing/engine choices are going to look like.
Chevy Camaro:  I did a quick sit in this.  I love the styling, but literally could not see out of the car.  The interior is a nice upgrade over the previous generation Carmaro, which is great, because it's all you can see once in the driver's seat.
Dodge Challenger:  *Big* feeling car, crappy Chryslyer quality interior -- but totally felt like an old school Muscle car from behind the wheel.
Hyundai Genesis Coupe:  Felt like a nice Hyundai inside.  Nothing earth shattering, though visibility was quite good from the drivers seat in this, unlike the Chevy and the Dodge.
Porsche:  Had their cars locked up this year, LAME!  They seem to be hit or miss on if the cars are open or not from year to year.  Too bad, because I take every chance I can to sit in a Cayman.....someday.
Audi S5:  Seriously, what a gorgeous car.  Audi has continued to refine and evolve their styling and with this car, has reached perfection.  Audi has taken over from BMW recently, being the manufacturer making the timeless elegant designs.   This car is what the new BMW 6 series should have been.
Until next year's show!