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Spring (Overdue) Miata maintenance.

Well, I decided to take advantage of the nice weather this weekend (and the fact I finally have my 323 all sorted out) and do the timing belt/water pump on the miata that I've been putting off (and off and off).

I was pleasantly surprised when I popped the valve cover off how incredibly clean it is under there. I expected there to be quite a bit of varnishing at 155K miles, but there is hardly any discoloration and no cruddy buildup *anywhere* under the valve cover. This is where I figure that Mobil1 oil changes every 5K since new has been worth it.

As of right now, I've got the new water pump in (replacing the original) as well as the new exhaust cam seal and crank seal (again original). I had to order the Intake cam seal, because I was supplied the wrong one in my big preparation order a few months back. No biggie. I also ordered an entire set of coolant hoses from Rosenthal Mazda, along with a new t-stat, t-stat gasket, water outlet o-ring, and EGR tube (mine is cracked at the flange on the intake). All the hoses and the t-stat are also original -- while everything is apart, I figure its cheap insurance.

As of right now, it's sitting waiting for my parts order to come in. Then it all goes back together, with a new timing belt idlers (replacing the originals), belts and gaskets....I just have to find my PCV valve grommet which I bought a while back and apparently mis-placed.

In addition, I should get my SSR's back from the wheel repair shop this week. Here's hoping I'll be on the road for next weekend!.

The only remaining tasks then, will be to get the rear fender rust taken care of, replace the A/C condenser (leaking badly)....

Actually this 150K mile refresh is costing a bit more than I had hoped -- but considering the non-maintenance repair bills for this car over the last 9 years have been negligible, I guess it's okay. Besides outside of the rust repair and condenser, its really just long term maintenance. Here's hoping I'll be good for the next 150K!