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The current list of stuff to be done at MechanicJay's garage is:
Complete the restoration of the 750.
Clean out a bay for the Rx-7 to live in.
Rebuild the block on the 323.
SID repair on the Saab.
Completed Todos:
1989 323 - Rebuild and swap the old head backon.  I'm just not happy with the new head.
 2002 Saab 9-3.  New Rear Shocks, Swap Snow tires on, Install Baby seat, Swap Radio, repair, replace Driver's seat trim.
2006 Jeep.  New front PCV grommet.
1989 BMW 750iL. Tow it to the garage to start rehab.
1994 Toyota Camry -- Complete tuneup, wash, wax, vacuum, SELL! -- Done and Sold.
1989 323 -- Finish the epic project.  -- Done and driving.
2001 Miata -- Timing Belt service -- Done and sold