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The List


Once I went through the entire car and figured out everything that needed to be done,  I realized it was far too long of a list to keep in my head.  So, I made a list a running task list that's been added to as I've found new and exciting issues to address.  The following represents what is needed to bring the car back to "perfect", so obviously some of them are things I'll address in the longer term. 

1) Change Oil

2) Change Transmission Fluid

3) Replace Coolant/Heater hoses/Fresh Coolant

4) Replace Brake Hoses / Fresh Brake Fluid

5) Replace Serpentine Belts

6) Replace Spark Plugs

7) Replace Spark Plug Wires

8) Replace Distributor Caps and Rotors

9) Replace Air Filters

10) Replace Fuel Filters

11) Replace Wiper Blades

12) Replace Headlight Washer Pump

13) Replace Intensive Washer Pump

14) Fill Washer Fluid

15) Replace Missing Gasket in Driver's Door for Window Defrost vent

16) Repalce Wheel Cap Roundells

17) Replace Hood Struts

18) Repalce Rear Suspension Hydraulic Accumulators

19) Replace Brake Hydraulic Accumulator

20) Replace Pentosin

21) Fix Rear Sunshade

22) Replace 3rd Brake Light Bulb

23) Replace Tires

24) Alignment

25) Clean/Condition Leather

26) Repair Sagging Headliner

27) Replace Leaking Heater Core

28) Investigate stuck IHKA blend door

29) Replace Right Front Maker Light

30) Install New Horns

31) Attempt Repair of Factory CD Changer

32) New Floor Mats

33) Replace Faded/Discolored Felt on Rear Parcel Shelf

34) Replace Speakers

35) Replace Glove Box Flashlight

36) Replace Missing Hazard Triangle from Tool Box

37) Paintless Dent Removal for Minor Door Dings

38) Shampoo Trunk Carpet

39) Replace Cracked Grill Trim

40) Check and Secure Battery & Vent

41) Change Rear Diff Fluid

42) Fill Intensive Washer Fluid

43) Attempt Repair of Front Chin Spoiler

44) Replair Driver's Door Lock

45) Aquire Cassette Holder for Center Console

46) Replace Burnt-out Bulbs in Gague Cluster

47) Wash/Wax

48) Scrub Baked on Brake Dust from Wheels

49) Repair Rear Power HeadRest Power Connectors

50) Devise a Battery Tie Down Solution

51) Re-install Rear Seat Trim

52) Purchase Car Cover

53) Replace Glove Box Light Bulb

54) Replace Glove Box Hydraulics

55) Replace Splitting Fuel Line at Fuel Filter

56) Replace Missing Exhaust Hanger Donut

57) Replace Wornout Rear Pitman Arms


Basically, this is what it takes to bring a 25 year old car, that's been sitting for 6 years up to snuff.

I'm hoping this weekend will be productive.   I recieved the final round of parts today and should be able to knock out the big remaining items this weekend and possibly be ready for the first test drive by Sunday night!