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Holy fluids Batman!

As part of my rehabiliation of the car, I'm changing all the fluids.  I don't have good (any) service records from before I inherited the car and the records I do have from the year or two before it was parked are, let say sketchy at best.  I'm pretty sure most of the fluids in the car are original, save for Engine Oil and at possibly the transmission fluid. 

It came as a bit of a surprise to me the obscene quantities of *everything* this car takes.  I"ll just list it below:

Coolant: 16 quarts (yes, 3 gallons)

Engine Oil: 8 quats (yes, 2 gallons of oil)

Transmission: 4 quarts ATF (that what you can get in a change, the trans hold 13 quarts)

Rear Differential: 2 quarts 90w oil

Breaks: Dunno, just bought a fresh quart.

Pentosin*: 3 Litres.


And the collection of it all:

All in all, the above represents $235.58 worth of various fluids.  Almost every drop is going in to the car (and an almost equal amount coming out).



* Penstosin?  Yes, the Magical German Hydraulic Fluid that costs $20/ litre.  The central Hydralic system in this car runs the power steering rack, the power break booster, and the self-leveling rear suspension.  It's supposed to be a spearminty green color, mine was brown and smelled burnt.  So I'm changing it out while I'm replacing the hydraulic accumulators in the system.