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  • 2006 Jeep Wrangler

    About 3 months ago, I finally gave in on a long-time desire of mine.  That is to get into another Jeep.
    I found a very nice 2006 Wrangler Unlimited around the corner from home and traded in the Miata on it. 
    So far it's been a blast.  A Jeep is actually just as much fun as a miata, believe it or not.  It's just a completely different kind of fun.  Much like, you may enjoy a Chicken Parm Sandwich  well as playing RockBand, however it's difficult to come up with a comparison matrix for the two activites.
    I find one of the things I like best the Jeep is that, it is what it is and doesn't make any excuses for being something it's not.  I happen to like vehicles that don't try to be everything to everybody.   Give me something that excels in one area and don't worry about the rest.  Else you end up with something that thoroughly mediocre.
    So, +1 for purposeful things.